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Google Bring New Optimize Integration To The Market

Google optimize launched to market
Google Optimize

It seems like Google are really rolling out the barrel with new and improved features for the marketing community. At the Google Marketing Next they announced the integration of Google Optimize with AdWords and the ability to receive more detailed feedback from retargeting in Google Surveys 360.

I remember way back when Google Website Optimiser was first launched and allowed us marketers to perform, and probably for most, our first A/B tests of conversion page variations.

This was a great tool for explaining and demonstrating to clients the need to change web pages and how marketers could sometimes know better than “their years of experience in their industry”.

Google optimiser for a/b testing image

So once again, Google have stepped up and are offering more functionality and more insights to the marketing community, which is fine by me. And no doubt fine by Google, as more people will spend more on PPC to fine tune their PPC campaigns, but also to quickly establish the near perfect landing page to use across the rest of their digital channels: SEO, Social, Email etc.

Google Optimize Integration

Following the integration with AdWords, PPC advertisers will be able to test landing pages for specific campaigns, keywords, Ad groups, creative etc. An example would be testing a landing page for the query “dog-friendly hotels” with the page containing pictures of dogs within a hotel, as opposed to testing the query against a page that solely contained pictures of the hotel exterior.

In the past, this of course was possible, you could still create two different landing pages for the scenarios and split your PPC budget across different destination URLs to determine which converted best.

With Google Optimize now out of beta testing and more integrated with Google Analytics, marketers will be able to quickly build up campaigns themselves without needing to call on developers to implement lines of code.

Google themselves say their goal is simple “to make it easier than ever to understand and serve your potential customers”. You can read more in detail at Google Inside AdWords here.

The team at Villamill would love to hear your thoughts and experiences, join in the conversation below.

Please let us know your experiences with Google Optimize below.

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David Reid

David Reid

David previously worked with Europe’s No.1 Marketing Agency & the World’s No.6 biggest Integrated Marketing Agency, seeing first-hand how £150 million+ campaigns are executed to create household brands. Now he is the CEO of a specialist marketing agency helping companies of all sizes.

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