Do You Want Someone Else's Content To Drive Traffic To You?

With VastClicks, you can do exactly that.

You won't need to create another piece of content ever again.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Read on to find out how...

We all know how difficult it is to create great engaging content. But with VastClicks you can use someone else's content to bring you more business.

You can reuse breaking news stories or amazing articles that other experts have written to attract more visitors to your website.

And the best bit - it is easy to use, quick and totally legal.

In 5 Minutes You Will Be Winning New Customers

It works like this...

Step 1

Find an article to piggyback. That's right. Use Google Alerts, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, Twitter - basically any platform which you can get great articles from.

Step 2

Create an account on VastClicks. It only takes a few minutes.

Upload your brand logo, copy the retargeting pixels and away you go.

Step 3

Simply share the article with VastClicks. In 2 minutes you could have shared it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & blog posts. Then sit back and watch the traffic come in.

Here Is The Secret

Let's be clear on this.. You do not need to create your own content.

You know your customers. So you should know what type of content they would be interested in reading. The secret is to find news stories relating to your customers interests, or from social influencers in your industry.

When you see an article that is sure to attract new customers, you simply copy the URL (link) to that story or post.

Paste that link into a template within your VastClicks account, pop in a strong call to action, such as a sales message, promotional offer, or simply a link to your own website, and VastClicks will assign a unique URL to fully track it.

Here is the easy bit.

Just share the unique URL.....

How easy it that.

You see, when you share the unique URL on your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc or through email, SMS, LinkedIn and so on, VastClicks takes care of showing your advert on top of the articles.

The articles can come from the BBC website, Sky news, Microsoft, The Metro, even your competitors websites (if you want to get yourself in front of their customers), in fact, from practically any website on the web.

And The Best Bit

Every time someone clicks on a link, they will be added to a retargeting list. It means you can boost your brand with other marketing messages at a later date.

It also means you can get your message in front of the right people.


If other people share your link, they are also sharing your adverts = driving more and more customers to your site.

If You Can't Wait

It comes with No risk.... It comes with a FREE 14 day guarantee....

If you can't wait to start winning more customers, then try VastClicks now.

Amazing Features

VastClicks is bursting with powerful features to make your life easier.

Fully Responsive

Built to look great on any device. So everyone can see your adverts no matter what they are using.

Customer Support

Includes 24/7 email support. If you need some help, the VastClicks team will respond within 24 hours.

Superb Analytics

Clear insights into the performance of your campaign. See what is attracting views and winning new customers.

Call To Actions

Easy to create calls to action make it simple to get viewers to click through to your website.

A/B Testing

See what headlines get more clicks. Check what colours convert better. Find out what offers win customers.

Multi Brand

VastClicks even allows you to run multiple brands within one account. Therefore, saving you money.

Use Your Domain

Keep your marketing in sync by using your own domain. Create a seamless brand experience.

GDPR Friendly

VastClicks helps you keep out of trouble with the ICO. It is built to best practice guidelines.


Grow you audience base with the simple retargeting pixels. Every article view adds another potential customer.

Check Out More Features

There are even more features.

If you want to see everything VastClicks can do, simply click on the link.

Track Your Success

As if it wasn't easy enough to get more traffic and leads, VastClicks even gives you your own personalised dashboard to show you how well it is performing.

It will show you how many people saw your advert, how many clicked on it and how many converted.

What's more...

You can A/B test different types of article content to see what converts best. So if you do decide to write content for your own website, you will know what style wins more customers.

Simple stuff, but very powerful.

100% FREE Trial - No Credit Card Required

VastClicks are so confident that you will like their product, that they will offer you a RISK FREE trial for 14 days.

If you don't want to use it after 14 days, then just stop using it. No questions asked. Guaranteed.

You can't get fairer than that!

What's More...

You can cancel at anytime.

Yes that is correct. VastClicks make it easy to get going with monthly or annual plans and you can switch plans whenever you like.

And if you don't need it anymore - just cancel it.

You are not tied into long term contracts full of complicated T&Cs like other providers do. If you don't want VastClicks - just cancel it.

It Has Got To Be Worth A Trial

VastClicks is so low risk and the rewards are so temptingly high, it has to be worth a trial.

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