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Affiliate Sales & Display Advertising

Increase your sales by partnering with us.
With 100,000's of visitors to our portfolio of sites, we can drive footfall to your website.

If you are an eCommerce retailer or are a business looking for additional sales leads - and are part of an affiliate scheme or simply offer a commission for every conversion on your website - then we would be delighted to help you.

Grow Your Business Online

As a business, we expect you are always looking for additional channels to increase your sales and profits.

At Villamill, we have a portfolio of websites which span multiple sectors that compliment each other. This enables our team to promote your business through banner ads and transparent affiliate networks - and you only pay when a transaction has taken place on your website as a result of us referring traffic to you.

As experienced digital marketers, we seek out and find quality traffic, and we put in the upfront effort to ensure only the best traffic finds our websites. You can benefit from this investment - it is a low risk model for you.

The Benefits For You

In simple terms, we will work in cooperation with you to promote your products on our websites.

Our aim is to create a strong partnership, deliver measurable and long-term results for you.

There are many benefits to you as the "merchant", such as:

  • You get a risk-free strategy for increasing sales
  • You only pay on agreed results
  • You can pay a flat fee or a percentage of sales
  • You gain exposure on more websites
  • You increase your brand awareness
  • You get more new incremental customers
  • You earn more repeat sales as a result
  • You don't have to put in more time marketing your products - we do!

Let's Get Started

The very first step is to get in touch with us. From here, we can arrange a call or meeting to understand what services or products you offer.

Assuming we can help by promoting you on one of our websites, then we will progress by setting up a campaign or joining your affiliate scheme.

We want to make the process as simple as possible. So we have our team of designers and developers ready to help out with any customisation. We have the expertise to:

  • Help out with product feeds
  • Create custom banner Ads or product images
  • Install tracking code/pixels on your site and ours
  • Configure any affiliate network or DoubleClick settings
  • Test the shopping cart or lead form tracking

All you need to do - is get in touch!

Empower your brand with the limitless reach of display advertising. In the visual world we live in, banner ads showcase your products and services in an instant.

This is your chance to communicate with new customers and to up-sell to existing customers.  Build trust, gain recognition and improve customer retention by being visible where it counts.

Grow Your Brand And Create Demand

Probably the most important factor in any business is growing your brand. If no one knows who you are and what you do, then you can't expect sales to follow.

When your brand is out there and you tell people "Look at us, our products are great" and your customers champion your brand - your brand awareness rockets and sales become easier. We are all influenced by brands. No one would question "Who are Coca-Cola?", "Who is IBM?", "Who are Oxford university or Harvard university? - they have established their brands with the help of advertising.

And in today's world, that includes display advertising!

With Villamill, we will help you create demand for your products, or services, by exposing your brand to 100,000's of actively looking customers.

With over 20 years in marketing, we fully understand the role display advertising has to play in generating demand for you. That is why we only place banners on our portfolio of sites that are "contextually" correct, as we pride ourselves on quality.

Big Brands Do It, You Should Too

Everyday you are exposed to online display advertising (and traditional offline ads) and you take note when it is of interest. One of the biggest challenges for advertisers is getting their ads in front of the right people.

This is where Villamill can help. Our portfolio of websites target specific audiences and if your product or service matches, then you need to advertise with us.

Here are just a few of the benefits of placing ads on our sites:

  • You will reach the right target market for your offering
  • You will be on the radar of people actually looking to buy
  • You get to boost your brand online
  • You are not tied into long term contracts - book for a day, week, month or longer
  • You can A/B test ads on multiple sections and on multiple websites
  • You can use our display advertising in your marketing funnel
  • You get complete transparency of impressions and click-throughs to sales
  • You don't have to design your ads - we do!

We Will Help You Get More Customers

Let us help you get more leads, win more customers and generate more sales. Simply fill out the few boxes below, hit Go and we will get straight back to you.

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