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Google Penalty Recovery

For when you've fallen out with Google and went your separate ways.

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Sudden Drop In SEO Traffic?

Have your pages plummeted down the rankings?

The chances are that you’ve received a Google Penalty. There are a number of reasons, but generally Google does not like the way you are trying to improve your rankings or because your site gives a poor user experience.

Penalties are hugely damaging to your search traffic and your business as a whole. The key is to act quickly and that’s where we come in. By following Google’s webmaster guidelines, we can get you back out of danger.

We will recover you from any penalties and teach you how not to get into these situations again.

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Getting Your Rankings Back

Specialists in recovering SEO rankings.

A Google penalty is bad for your rankings and bad for your reputation. We have a 100% track record in helping businesses recover quickly and effectively. Our processes are proven and the results speak for themselves.

We'll conduct our 250 point assessment of your site to discover the nature of the penalty and then create a bespoke strategy to make sure the penalty is lifted.

We’ll disavow the bad links that are damaging your profile, and ensure that your website complies with Google’s best practice guidelines.

Don't Be Caught Out

Many agencies still deploy poor SEO practices which result in short-term gain but cause long-term damage. Don't scrimp on SEO. If you hire a cheap agency to save money, it will end up costing you much more later on.

The Impact of Penalties

A penalty can be applied to a single page, multiple pages or even across a whole site.

This will mean a significant drop down the rankings for multiple keywords or in the most drastic cases, a complete removal from search results.

Following a penalty, some businesses have even taken the extreme step of changing their entire digital presence. With our expertise, there’s no need to panic. 

Through analysis, we’ll determine the cause of the penalty and build a long-term strategy to repair any damage done.

Why have you been penalised?

There are two types of penalties ­– manual and algorithmic. A manual penalty is applied when the Google search team review your website and decide that it does not meet their standards. These penalties can be applied at any time and you will be notified via Google Search Console.

An algorithmic penalty is applied automatically when your website triggers something in Google’s search algorithm filters that breaks the rules on best practice. You won’t be notified of an algorithmic penalty, so you need to keep your eyes open.

We constantly monitor keyword rankings and site traffic so we can instantly react if need be.

We can't thank the team at Villamill enough. You got us back when others failed. Our business was severely suffering when our website got hit with a Panda penalty. I guess we hadn't properly understood what was required from an SEO point of view, and we didn't even know about Google webmaster guidelines. I would happily recommend you to anyone in our situation.

Anonymous, Director of Travel Agent
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Targeting Sites Around The Clock

Know your Penguins from your Pandas

Google’s algorithmic penalties never stop looking for offenders. The Panda update was designed to stop sites with technical issues, poor or thin content from ranking. Sites with original, high quality and fresh content are rewarded.

Penguin prevents sites with suspect back-links from ranking. So if your site has paid for, low quality or irrelevant links, Google is unlikely to promote it up the rankings.

There are numerous other reasons Google will punish you and it's easy to fall foul if you don't know what they are. But we can educate you on the right way to do things.

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Penalty Recovery Process

Our forensic approach has a 100% success rate.

We look at your SEO from every conceivable angle to uncover the problem.

Your analytics will help us uncover when the penalty was applied and a full audit will help us learn about your SEO history.

We’ll use a number of specialised tools to dig deep and investigate where your website is breaking the guidelines.

When we’ve identified your problem, whether the penalty is just on a single page or site-wide, we’ll get you back as quickly as we possibly can.

If you want to know the ins and outs of Google, then you need to speak to David. He astounded me with his knowledge on Google Penalties and gave me a master-class on the areas companies need to steer clear of to avoid dropping down the search rankings.

Gerry Brennan, Adviser at FSB

Get Your Website Back Up The Rankings

If you think you are in a penalty, then don't delay. Complete our short form and we will contact you straight back, find out what your problems are, then get you back up the rankings.

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