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David is the person I most trust to deliver sound digital marketing insights and advice.

His experience is vast, but more importantly he isn't swayed by whatever happens to be the latest thing in digital marketing - instead he applies a formidable intelligence and capacity for fact-gathering that gets to the real root of the matter.

I have found working with David to be a thoroughly positive experience. I had the privilege of some mentoring from him which was of huge benefit. His no-nonsense approach cuts through the fluff and makes things happen.
Geoff Todd

Geoff Todd, Owner of GroWeb Digital

Gordon Livingstone

Gordon Livingstone, CFO at VST Enterprises

One of the best digital marketers I have ever met.

David and I first worked together in 2000 and we’ve stayed friends ever since, and worked on a number of projects together; he is professional, dedicated and results driven. Not only is he an “expert” at what he does, he also has a very broad and astute commercial and business mind. He has helped me gain exposure on the web for my own businesses and is always a pleasure to work with, identifying opportunities for my business with his proactive thoughts and actions.

David is my #1 person I go to for advice on technology and/or digital marketing. I trust him implicitly, both his business acumen and his honest and forthright appraisal of situations. He is a pleasure to collaborate with, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future, both as a client and as a partner.
I found [David's] knowledge of digital strategies to be really useful and beneficial to our business objectives. He worked with us across multiple channels including SEO and PPC.

I also had the opportunity to work with him on a great website that allowed us to gain more exposure within the UK and beyond. David and his team looked after our digital marketing campaigns across other countries including China and Russia, being very much process and results driven. Whenever we had a problem, I could always count on him to calmly deal with it for me and offer a solution.

David genuinely cares about his customers, he is full of great advice and took time to understand our business which isn't that common. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking to increase their online presence and improve sales.
Joanne Lorente

Joanna Lorente-Chapman, Head of Marketing at Scape

Vivienne MacLaren

Vivienne MacLaren, Chair of Scottish Women's Football

David's drive and ambition for the growth of digital was one of the main reasons I worked with him. The team he put together over the years was one of the best in the UK, working with global clients across many sectors. What David and his team had achieved was one of the best kept secrets in the UK digital sector.

His knowledge and experience were superb, along with attention to detail and quality of output which he instilled in the team.

Really getting to know clients is so important and David would work all the hours that it took to deal with a client request or issue, that's why so many of his clients had stayed with him for several years. Trust and the guarantee that the absolute best effort would be made with all client work was why David still has such a good reputation in the industry...
I’ve worked with thousands of digital marketers and Digital Agencies across Scotland, and David is certainly up at the top of the list. I have helped David for numerous years and watched how he carefully structured his digital team so that they could offer the highest level of service to clients.

David clearly communicates what is required and gives honest feedback. You always know where you stand with him and he does his best to make your life easier.

He is approachable, professional and very personable and I would be happy to recommend him any day of the week.
Fiona Todd

Fiona Todd, Head of Denholm Glasgow at Denholm Associates

Gerry Brennan

Gerry Brennan, Adviser at FSB

If you want to know the ins and outs of Google, then you need to speak to David. He astounded me with his knowledge on Google Penalties and gave me a master-class on the areas companies need to steer clear of to avoid dropping down the search rankings.

David has presented at events organised by the FSB on topics such as digital marketing, Google penalties and how marketing will evolve in the future.

I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow their business online to have a coffee with David. He is passionate about helping people and explains things in an enjoyable manner that everyone can understand.
I've known David for over 19 years and he's always been my first stop if I have any digital marketing questions. He's got a natural talent for explaining the technicalities of what can be a very confusing subject.

When we worked together I saw firsthand how he helped large and small companies in lots of different sectors make an impact on the web.

David likes to spend time getting getting to know the client and clearly understand their needs and problems so that he can deliver great results for them.

Anyone who chooses to work with him will find him fun, amiable, very hard working and most of all, he will not disappoint!
Simon Willox

Simon Willox, Design & Business Development Manager at Datawave

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